Other Treats

Rice Krispy Treats

Brown Butter RKT: $20/dozenAn elevated version of the classic. Browned butter and a generous amount of flaky sea salt makes them a perfect balance of salty and sweet.
Heath Bar RKT: $25/dozenMy all-time favorite. Take the brown butter RKT, but top it with a layer of chocolate ganache and then sprinkle with Heath bar bits.
Birthday Cake RKT: $25/dozenA classic RKT filled with cake batter flavor and rainbow sprinkles
Chocolate Caramel RKT: $25/dozenA brown butter RKT with a layer of gooey caramel and finished with rich chocolate ganache
(1 dozen RKTs = 1 9x13" pan size)

Cookie Cake

A thick, chewy, & soft 9" chocolate chip cookie surrounded by a border of vanilla buttercream icing - $22